The stock price of Dongil Industry has hit the limit down, causing fears of a 'second SG incident' in the market.

As of 1:36 PM on June 14th, Dongil Industry is trading at 154,000 won, down 30.00% from the previous trading day. In addition, Bangrim, Manho Iron & Steel, and Daehan Synthetic Fiber, which are listed on the Korea Exchange, as well as Dongil Metal listed on the KOSDAQ, also hit the limit down at around the same time. 

These stocks showed weakness all morning, with Bangrim first dropping to the price limit at around 11:46 AM, followed by Dongil Metal plunging to the limit down at 11:57 AM. Dongil Industry, Manho Iron & Steel, and Daehan Synthetic Fiber entered the limit down in succession between 12:10 and 12:15 PM.

The cause of the mass decline in these five stocks is not yet known. An exchange official stated, "Although the market surveillance and monitoring system is always in operation, we cannot disclose anything about the current situation."

These stocks have been steadily rising for several months, but recently they have hit the limit down en masse. This resembles the rapid drop situation triggered by Société Générale (SG) Securities in late April, amplifying the tension in the market.

The stock price of Dongil Industry has been steadily rising since January 2020, recording a rise of about 182% over the past three years. Dongil Metal (+169%), Manho Iron & Steel (+250%), and Bangrim (+227%), which hit the limit down today, also recorded a growth rate of several hundred percent over the same period.